2004 Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV

2004 Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV Hammerhead 383hp

When Malibu engineers revisited the Sunscape 23LSV they wanted more than a mere makeover of existing tooling. They returned to the computer-aided drawing board and developed a brand new design, packed with indulgent space and energetic maneuverability. Based on the award-winning SV23 Diamond Hull, the new Sunscape 23LSV applied this concept to a 23-foot boat with 100 inches of beam and a slightly increased degree of V. Out came the all new V25 Diamond Hull and another performance hit.

Comes with:


2004 Hammerhead 380 hp EFI-MPI        

Wedge (complete)        
Polished stainless turn down exhaust        
Standard Classic        
Bezels-black chrome        
Shrinkable Shipping Cover        
Flip up bolster driver's seat        
Hot water shower     

Three Outlet Heater        
Dual battery switch w/second box & cables        
Pylon-chrome upgrade        
Depth finder module